10 ноября 2012 г.

Ультрамэн Тига, эпизод 28 - "Один пропавший момент..."

Субтитры: http://www.mediafire.com/?to105h37f971q
(Thanks to Midnight Crew Subs)

Online: http://vk.com/video-30956759_163632723

Перевод: Nezanna
Редактура: Nyarley

6 комментариев:

  1. please....
    immediately ultraman cosmos in updates

  2. Unfortunately, I can't do it at this moment. New Cosmos episodes will be uploaded as soon as possible. This may take a month or even longer... Sorry.

  3. Nyarley, you do not think you care much about the English-speaking fans (which, moreover, is not particularly literate)? After all, there are other sites where they can download a series of Ultraman. But they are still climbing here. My advice - do not pay attention to them. They should go to the appropriate place. You do not have to provide them with subtitles.
    P.S. I am from Russia, but I wrote in English to these fools were able to read and understand.

    1. It was a bit rude, don't you think so?)) English-speaking fans are good people too (I hope so). But you are right: any fansubber releases mostly those things he really wants to release. So, guys, all the Cosmos episodes will be released one day (in RAWs with Russian subs). Just be patient. And if you need English subs, I've already gave you a link:

      These HK subs are only ones I have. So, please, try to enjoy them.

    2. Yes, a bit rude, but no other way to tell. I understand that you want to cater to English-speaking fans, and they may also good people, but you are, after all, specializes in Russian subs. But if you have the desire to cook separately for English subtitles fans, you no one denies. Sorry if I said something wrong.
      And finally, good luck to you in your releases.

  4. as an american fan who only speaks english , i try to provide a good example for my fellow fans by saying thanks to the people nice enough to put things up for us fans to download and enjoy , as well as occasionally trying to give something back sometimes . I agree that the comment was very rude , and am sorry that they make more than just themselves look rude , and please understand also that this might be merely a good person having a bad moment and might be polite every other time .

    I believe Nyarley likes ALL of his fans or he would not be as nice as he is to post all the wonderful things for us to have , and he treats those who are rude as a parent might treat their own child if rude ... he remains polite and tells them the truth , and hopes this helps them to be polite in the future .

    Nyarley , as an english speaking fan , i like having the raw files with russian subtitles , and if any english speaking fans NEED english translations , they can do this: (1) change the program for subtitle files to open with microsoft word . (2) copy the russian subtitles (3) go to http://translate.google.com/ where you can paste the subtitles on the left side and copy the english translation on the right side that appears . (4) paste english copied subs over the subtitle document and you have english subtitles - or lots of languages to choose from .
    sometimes you will have to do this for PORTIONS of the subtitles if its longer than 30 minutes of subtitles .

    I hope this helps out those who might desire to have subtitles from any language to any other language .

    Thank you again for all you generously give us Nyarley , and i hope you always stay as nics of a person as you are right now .